Germering, Germany 2020


Clear lines and well thought-out, light-flooded floor plans form the basis for this extraordinary property. The modern design language with large openings and filigree detail solutions carries the quality of the interior to the outside.

In order to take full advantage of the site, a new type of housing was developed. This deliberately avoids the usual monotonous design of several narrow, identical row houses, but creates a base of three row houses and a penthouse above. Thus, the advantages of a multi-family house are combined with those of a normal row house and optimized for you.

For more space and quality of life, the design relies on fewer terraced houses, but wider ones, which together with a building block placed across the top form the residential building: This creates three maisonettes with row house character and a penthouse as one residential unit. A modern, open design allows individual living characters for each residential unit.

All residential units impress with cleverly divided and extremely spacious floor plans as well as light-flooded rooms.

flooded rooms. On the first floor, the future residents each have a private garden and their own entrance. The penthouse above is accessible via a separate entrance with extravagant staircase and offers a spacious roof terrace.

The terraced houses and the penthouses with two roof terraces offer living space for a wide range of requirements, all of which have a high quality of living in common.

The advantages of a multi-family or row house are combined with the qualities of a spacious modern residential building. These include, in particular, the advantages of shared energy and functional spaces in favor of large private room uses.


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Multi-party housing






GBA 1.073m²