Guggenheim - 2016

Helsinki, Finland 2016


As a walkable museum landscape and urban design concept to open up the waterfront of Helsinki’s harbor basin, a sculptural architecture unfolds and becomes a new landmark overlooking the water. Dynamic free forms interpret the maritime environment, and allow spatial concepts, spatial references, openness and closedness, public space and cultural life to merge in an unusual way.

Like a large wave, two shells form a large, flowing freeform, branding upwards and forming a large sail. Front and back consist of a transparent façade, allowing views in and out and carrying art into everyday life. On the water side, the façade is covered with media and acts like a large lighthouse as a gesture of welcome to the distance.

The concept approaches the task under the aspect of urban integration and landscape planning. The design and orientation take into account the multiple heights and strands as well as visual axes of the urban environment and interact with surrounding cultural buildings and churches. The positioning and the newly created accessibility to the water create a link between the city, the park and the shore. As a grand sculptural gesture, the design lends urban identity.

The elevation of the building, its accessibility from the park and its opening to the water, create a public space with extraordinary qualities. An organic play of landscape, water, squares and terraces, where high culture and everyday culture merge.

The interiors are dominated by organic forms and flowing sequences of spaces that evolve upwards from the large reception hall. Intersections, galleries and staircases convey dynamics and the experience of new spatial perspectives. The complex spatial organism is played by contemporary art, complemented by a digital exhibition didactics.

Artist in residence in the form of temporary studios not only promote young artists, but also give visitors the opportunity to participate in artistic creation processes. Affiliated galleries become a platform for up-and-coming artists to market their work and make contact with the public and future gallery owners.

In addition to the exhibition space of over 4980 m², exhibition galleries of over 4980 m², spaces for programs and events of over 770 m², the space program includes conference and training rooms, offices, laboratories, storage areas, movable stage platforms, areas for catering and retail, multipurpose zones, service areas, ticketing and visitor management.


Guggenheim Foundation








GBA 12.340 m²