HOUSE S and summer house

Gerzen, Germany 2007


A former farm, a 2000 m2 site, on a gentle hillside with an outstanding view, strict urban planning regulations allowing only gable roof buildings in the context of typical colorless suburban houses with just such roofs with PVC windows of all imaginable sizes and proportions – all these were the challenges of a building project that challenged the client’s desire for individuality.

To build and inhabit a house that respects tradition in a meaningful way, but at the same time offers an individual and contemporary style, was the starting point. The reinterpretation of the contextual architectural language was to realize innovation and functionality, as well as new building conditions through recyclable materials and the use of modern energy solutions.

A simple geometry was chosen for the house, combining two fixed volumes that allow not only to preserve but also to enhance the view of the valley from the neighboring houses.

The building is dominated by two main spaces: the living room as a living center and the private bedrooms. The living room is an open space with large windows that exposes the view of the village and follows the hill with split levels. The private rooms are located on the side on one level. These smaller rooms with efficient layout contrast with the large open living spaces, creating a quiet and cozy architecture.

The volume with the common spaces is characterized by the slate facade and the slate roof. The urban integration of the pitched roof and the vertical shift towards the slope thus create a volume reminiscent of a modern monolith, encased in a 400 million year old material whose silky texture harmonizes perfectly with its surroundings.

In 2009, the building was included in the program of the Bavarian Chamber of Architecture as part of the “Sustainable Architecture” tour, as well as in the list of exemplary buildings “Energy Efficient Construction in Bavaria”.

The project was expanded to include a garden house. As a sustainable solution that is also a real eye-catcher, a discarded overseas container was chosen as a base and converted. The opening on both sides thus creates an extraordinary play of light, especially in the dark. The patina shows the many journeys the container has made and will continue to form in its current new chapter.


Family Schierle








GBA 300m²


FINE RESULT, Rathschek Schiefer