Mercedes Benz MedeleSchäfer - Königsbrunn

Königsbrunn, Germany 2020

The main focus of the remodeling was to increase the recognition value of the Mercedes-Benz brand and, in conjunction with this, to take sensible measures that bring improvements for both customers and the people who work there. In particular, the large and inviting floating roof as well as the clearly defined entrance areas are in the foreground here in the exterior and provide new qualities. The new design guidelines were cleverly integrated into the existing building so that no new construction was required.

Inside, the building’s finishes were adapted to the new guidelines, creating an all-around experience. In particular, the new flooring and the removal of the suspended ceiling, revealing the technical fixtures, create an industrial look that is complemented by high-quality built-in furniture.


Mercedes Benz MedeleSchäfer






Herbert Heim
Benz & Ziegler