Fendt work place architecture - IT Office

Marktoberdorf, Germany 2020

Fendt work place architecture

The modern office must respond flexibly to changes over time and should create an attractive and inspiring environment in which employees enjoy working and can identify with the brand and their work. With the Fendt work place architecture project, we are taking on the task of creating such an environment at all locations throughout the Group.

In the office remodeling project, the concept primarily involves concentrating the design measures on focus areas. The new design is created by integrating multifunctional and task-oriented building blocks within the existing work areas. In addition, the latest technologies and design features were incorporated to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. One benefit is that the focus allows large areas of existing interior furnishings, such as tables or chairs, to be reused, which saves resources and is increasingly important in terms of long-term sustainable use.

These refurbishments are taking place in different areas and locations – existing buildings have already been refurbished at several AGCO FENDT plants, including canteens, conference areas and various offices and meeting rooms. The overall working environment is thus improved and the AGCO Fendt brand architecture can be experienced. We are focusing on the key points of a modern way of working: Focus, Cooperate, Collaborate and Socialize.

Office 2020

The conversion of the IT office into Office 2020 is shown here as an example, where the built-in element is particularly effective. The fusion of brand identity and element optimizes communication and provides tools for high efficiency, collaboration but also concentrated work. High-quality surfaces such as natural wood and felt complete the elegant and inspiring design.


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