Mercedes Benz MedeleSchäfer - Weilheim

Weilheim, Germany 2023

According to the design guidelines and planning aids developed by Graft Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH for Daimler AG, Benz&Ziegler planned a new retail excellence center for the Mercedes-Benz dealer MedeleSchäfer in Weilheim.
In particular, the urban setting at the entrance to the town, which was not chosen to be orthogonal to the street, together with the strong gesture of the large, expansive canopy, ensures that the building has a highly visible presence. Already here – just as in the interior – the visual relationships that arise for all road users were a design parameter. In the front area facing the street, the exhibition and sales areas provide space for directly customer-related uses. The service and towing service are located in the rear area. The spectrum ranges from cars to classic cars, vans and transporters to trucks. A special highlight is the AMG area on the upper floor, which displays the premium models and also stands out again architecturally from the rest of the dealership. Even the entrance via the room-defining spiral steel staircase is particularly striking.

As already mentioned, the visual relationships also play an important role inside the building, for example between the sales offices, from the offices into the sales area to strengthen customer relationships, but also between sales and service. The glazing to the service halls offers exciting insights and increases mutual appreciation. Furthermore, the visual relationships facilitate orientation and thus, together with an intelligent arrangement of the individual areas, contribute to optimized workflows with short distances. The building is also outstanding and highly efficient in terms of energy and environmental standards. Thanks to a groundwater heat pump and solar system, CO₂-neutral operation is possible.


Mercedes Benz MedeleSchäfer