SONY Photonika 2020

Cologne, Germany 2020

Benz & Ziegler Brand presented a design proposal for a booth at Photokina 2020 for the Japanese conglomerate SONY Corporation. The goal of the booth was to exhibit mainly products, apps and services for the photography sector.

The visitor’s path was designed around an “experience loop” where the viewer can observe the different spaces from a central exhibition core, while seeing a clear path to the entrance and around the core.

The booth, which covers a total of 1,772 square meters, features SONY’s subtle yet strong and elegant corporate design, using gray tones in laminate, wood, glass and LED as the main materials.

The main entrance signals the visitor’s immersion into the world of SONY with an illuminated display of the SONY logo and a geometric black gate that transforms into a ribbon ceiling as the visitor enters the main space, surrounding the exhibition core.

The area was divided according to the client’s needs and divided according to the different experiences in which the visitor should participate, such as workshops, photo shoots and learning activities

The different products and services are displayed in a variety of areas.

On the stand was a stage for presentations and workshops with ample space to sit and watch. The same space can serve as a meeting place and resting place outside opening hours.

In addition, an area of about 370 square meters was set aside for meeting rooms and lounge areas.






Photokina, Cologne