Twitter DMEXCO 2016

Cologne, Germany 2016

The forest of tweets

Giving shape to abstract ideas, digital services and products. The trade fair appearance of the microblogging operator Twitter was intended to make the company’s culture tangible, but above all its “abstract products”. This is how the “forest of tweets” came into being: The concept translates the limited and ever-repeating number of characters in a tweet message into communication strands that make the digital tangible and condense into architecture. In their always identical structure and multiplicity, they form a forest of hemp ropes.

Communication strands that have become architecture

The “forest of tweets” symbolized the serial of always the same communication units and marked the change from public space (outside) to a specific twitter space (inside) at the booth. Neither closed nor completely open, the space shows itself mobile, transparent and filigree.

The visitor enters the interior of the “forest of tweets” by simply pushing aside a few hemp ropes, just as one makes one’s way through branches in a forest. The “forest of communication” is dominated by natural and little-worked materials: raw wood surfaces, unfinished combined with equally simple surfaces in white and blue, make the “immediacy” theme of the “tweets” tangible, a look-and-feel that reflects the entire company culture.
The two-story space with its large central seating area is flanked by a bar and information counter. The “Blueroom” with a 360° camera and the workshop and hands-on room, which offers high-quality giveaways in line with the handcrafted philosophy, round off the brand presence.






DMEXCO, Cologne






Thomas Stefan

Cooperation partner