Wintershall Dea ADIPEC 2019

Abu Dhabi, UAE 2019

Benz & Ziegler Brand GmbH has presented the Wintershall Dea brand, a leading company in the oil and gas sector, with successful interpretations at various trade fairs around the world. The ADIPEC booth is characterized by an elaborate installation and the brand’s characteristic colors and soft surfaces.

Wintershall Dea is a company that discusses issues of future energy supply in a changing market and seeks and presents answers to the many challenges. Complex tasks require a clear design, so the conceptual idea of the stand focuses on the hospitality of the space and the clear lines of implementation.

The exhibition idea focused on the installation on the ceiling of the booth, where 300 white light bulbs hung from the ceiling, forming a multi-faceted chandelier in the space. The seemingly random curves created by the arrangements of the bulbs were a carefully constructed path that led to the formation of the redesigned Wintershall Dea logo, which was visible from only one spot in the room and marked on the floor so that all visitors could step on it and become familiar with the new logo.

The basic colors of the company’s corporate identity were used on all surfaces. They formed a canvas: a matrix of images and colors. Materials ranged from the predominant painted laminate to wood, fabric and metal grids for more specific purposes.

Images of Wintershall Dea’s various activities around the globe were printed and displayed in the space on fabric and vinyl.

Spatially, the booth consisted of a lounge area, an open discussion table and an enclosed meeting room. Two screens served as additional display areas, informing visitors about the company’s work.


Wintershall Dea




ADIPEC, Abu Dhabi






Amaresh Bhaskaran