Wintershall Dea ADIPEC 2022

Abu Dhabi, UAE 2022

The upper part of the stand serves to convey emotions and provide good visibility of the brand in the hall. In addition, the wraparound shape encloses the stand and thus provides a pleasant living room atmosphere inside, although the ground level area is very open in design. This invites visitors and serves as an informal exchange. The upper area also features meeting rooms for personal discussions as well as the logo interpreted as a floating and luminous 3D sculpture.

The individuality of the stand is achieved, among other things, by an oriental-looking pattern, which was developed from the Wintershall Deas logo, and can be found in various areas such as the back wall of the Energy Station or visible sides of the furniture. In addition, regional plants were chosen for the shelves, which were given away to employees at the end of the trade fair, and individual elements were created for the brand presence. These include, for example, world maps with Wintershall Deas locations marked by Polaroid pictures taken by employees or individual beer mats with information on locations as giveaways. Furthermore, visitors can find out more about the trade fair theme on screens or information cards.


Wintershall Dea




Abu Dhabi