Wintershall Dea AOG 2023

Buenos Aires, Argentina 2023

The exhibition stand at the AOG in Buenos Aires celebrates the 45th anniversary of Wintershall Dea’s market entry in Argentina. The number of strings characteristic of the façade corresponds to the number of days the company has been operating in Argentina, namely 16,436. Facing outwards, the stand provides information in three areas: past, present and future, inviting visitors to walk around the entire stand. Individual exhibits are also partially concealed by the cords, which encourages visitors to interact.

The general design language of the stand, based on wave forms, follows the corporate identity of Wintershall Dea. This means that it is translated into three-dimensional space. The realization takes place as a light and simple construction using a modular filigree steel structure, which is partially covered with fabric in order to save materials and conserve resources.
In addition to further information facilities, such as small showcases or a large screen, the interior primarily contains seating and meeting facilities for guests to exchange ideas and relax.


Wintershall Dea




AOG, Buenos Aires




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