Wintershall Dea EAGE 2019

London, UK 2019

Benz & Ziegler” realized the trade fair stand at EAGE 2019 for Europe’s leading independent gas and oil company Wintershall Dea. The focus was on digitalization.

At the stand, open and closed spaces complemented each other to create a coherent overall concept. The front section, accessible via low steps and featuring a counter and lounge, had been designed to be spacious and inviting, while the rear third offered space for conversations away from the crowds of visitors.

The stand design had been conceived flexibly, it allowed an uncomplicated and quick disassembly and could thus start its journey around the world.

The front part, accessible via low steps, with counter and lounge, had been designed generously and invitingly, while the rear third offered space for conversations away from the stream of visitors.

The central design element was two diagonally positioned walls with a protected area spanning between them.

The intelligent, sustainable use of existing resources made the conversion cost- and time-efficient.

The “History Table” at the end of the diagonal brought together the stories of the two merged companies.

Displays and screens were positioned on the wall surface of the diagonal. The “Café-Stop” integrated there was considered the central link and formed the meeting point for all new employees.

The materials of wood and metal were repeated in the stand design – with the wood providing a warm and pleasant atmosphere and the metal evoking the roughness of gas and oil extraction.

The grandstand for the auditorium was designed to be multi-functional: on the one hand, it invited people to linger and engage in lively exchange, and on the other hand, fence-sitters were also able to follow the presentations on digitization and other topics in the “Geo-Sciences”.






EAGE, London






Brendan O'Sullivan