Wintershall Dea ONS 2022

Stavanger, Norway 2022

The stand for Wintershall Dea underlines the company’s core message: “Together, Reliable Partnership”. The design offers a brand living room with a varied presentation of different themes and functions integrated into the space. The highlight of the booth is a dynamic sculpture that is the centerpiece. This design element is strategically positioned to draw visitors’ attention to the different areas of the booth. The booth design is inspired by the company’s aspirations and an accompanying commitment to innovation, sustainability and reliability. The shape of the sculpture is fluid, dynamic and organic, reflecting the company’s resilience to changing conditions and influences.

As a visitor to the booth, a unique and interactive experience awaits everyone. The curved sculpture frames a multi-layered approach to communication, creating an open and warm environment. The semi-transparent banners represent the company’s focus areas and are a welcoming gesture to guests. The brand living room showcases the company’s achievements, innovations and vision for the future. Through the transparent displays, the booth integrates visitors into the communication.

A studio forms the hybrid highlight of the booth and is designed to offer visitors an intensive experience with various presentations, displays and interviews, which are streamed in parallel on various channels worldwide. The colorfully accented chandelier that hovers above the studio creates a dynamic and inviting atmosphere that encourages visitors to engage and interact with the topics and especially their content. The studio is equipped with modern film technology that allows visitors to participate in the interview production process in a unique and engaging way.

The booth also features a spacious lounge area where guests can relax and make new contacts or maintain existing ones. This area is characterized by a local Nordic atmosphere. For example, native plants such as juniper or blueberries are used in the shelves, which will be reused by employees after the show ends. Colorful cards invite visitors to dive in and delve deeper into various topics. The warm and friendly choice of materials is complemented by transparent OLED screens that provide insights into Wintershall Dea’s core messages and current projects.


Wintershall Dea










Magnus Wathne